It’s been nearly 3 years in the making.. COMA SUITE, my 10th film will have its world premiere in NYC at the Anthology Film Archives on October 7th.  I am so proud of this film.  It took a lot of time, effort, whiskey, and doctors visits to complete.  It’s a BEAST.  All are welcome, but seating is limited.. if you wish to attend please send me an email. 


Just released a new Party Hospital EP: Tapewarm.  Also been editing COMA SUITE and hope to have an October premiere.  Stay tuned.


Took a much needed break from the drama of COMA SUITE to shoot a little film last week.  Wrote it Saturday, shot it Wednesday, and edited it Thursday.  REALLY like how this came out.  Check it: Off The Cuff.


I’ve been insanely busy these last few months.  Finally started shooting my new film COMA SUITE.  It’s been about 3 years in the making.  It was a script I wasn’t sure I would actually be able to shoot, and now that I am shooting it... I can see why I thought that.  Despite some of the difficulties, it’s been a great journey and this is one of the best group of actors I’ve ever worked with.

10 years ago this month, was the premiere of my first film TEETH DON’T GRIND... which was also an intense and laborious undertaking.  I actually feel like there are many similarities to what I was feeling back then.

This is without a doubt the strangest, darkest and the grittiest film I’ve ever made.  Can’t wait to share it with everyone.


I have some treats ready for all you tricksters.  First is a 45 min. doc from my backpacking trip to BANFF, and the 5 min. highlight reel for those of you suffering from ADHD.  Also, the 2nd Party Hospital EP entitled “Scumbilical” and my 4 year old son wrote, performed, and recorded this entire gem in our kitchen.  The next few months I will be finishing up my script and casting the new film.  I’m coming out swinging really hard on this next one.  It’s going to be craaaaazy.


Been extremely busy with family and work, but I have some fun stuff on the way including a documentary of my backpacking trip to Banff and a brand new Party Hospital album.  I’m also finishing up the script for my new film Coma Suite which I start shooting in January.


My son and I just put together a 7 song LP titled PARTY HOSPITAL.  Check it out here.  Download available soon.


Just finished a new song called Party Hospital.  It’s the title track from a new EP I’ve been working on.  A companion piece of sorts for my film Coma Suite, which I start shooting this fall.


I put all of my SUPER-8 footage from Ireland together in one video


The final 2 episodes of “Cinema Toast Crunch” are available for listen/download.  The “score” episode with Greg Murphy is here for listening and here for downloading.  The final hour-long episode all about me and my films can be downloaded here, or you can listen to it here.

UPDATE: You can now access all of the podcast episodes here.


You can listen to the 2 latest episodes of “Cinema Toast Crunch” here and here, or you can download them here and here.  Live every Tuesday at 7PM on until I get bored with it.


I’m doing a short run of podcasts called “Cinema Toast Crunch” where I will be discussing and playing an eclectic mix of music featured in some of my favorite films.  The shows are 30 min. in length and will be playing Tuesdays from 7-7:30PM.  Check out the first episode here.  You can also download it. 


Ireland was beyond beautiful.  A place I felt a very strong connection to.  The culture, history, people, landscapes, food... were all so amazing.  I could really see myself living there.  You can check out a highlight reel from my documentary: “Quentin goes to Ireland” here


I leave tomorrow for Ireland with my family.  A place I’ve longed to visit.  Documentary to follow of course.  I’m also well on my way with the pre-production for “Coma Suite”, my new thriller.  Been a difficult film to cast, but I’ve recently found some very promising talent.  I’m pushing back principal photography to late November, but I’m insanely excited to start shooting.  I’ve never written anything quite like it.  


It’s been over 6 months since my last update.  Been extremely busy with family and work.  The “God’s Eternal Campground” premiere was AMAZING, one of the best ever.. it was also in a film festival a few months ago, AND (I can’t believe I’m saying this, but) I’m already in pre-production for a new film.  A thriller.  I couldn’t decide if I was ready to start a new film with ZERO budget, but I decided to just do it, keep it raw, real and simple.  I start shooting in mid-October.


My new Civil War film is premiering Jan. 3rd @ 7PM in Manhattan at The Wild Project on 3rd St.  If you need more information please email me.  This is the first time in my filmmaking “career” that I completed 2 films in one year.  A fact that I am extremely proud of.  My most personal film to date: “swell” won BEST FEATURE at the NY LA International Film Festival back in April, and now “God’s Eternal Campground” is ready to roll.  It was quite an undertaking to create a Civil War film with limited funds, but I am SO pleased with the way it turned out.  It really packs a massive wallop.  We all put a LOT of work into this one.


Been a while since I updated my site.  I added a few new pictures today.  I’ve been extremely busy shooting my new Civil War film.  I’m happy to report that most of the principle photography is complete.  I have ONE more scene to shoot in mid-October.  I’ve also been working on the original soundtrack as well, recording and composing with some VERY talented musicians.  It’s all coming together slowly but surely.  I also did a music video recently with a kushy summer vibe.  Saturday I leave for Washington state with my brother and cousins to check out Olympic National Park.  Excited to see the beautiful landscape of the North-West.  Of course I will be documenting the entire thing.  I’m looking forward to a beautiful Fall season (my favorite) and finishing my gritty little Civil War picture.


I start shooting my new Civil War film “God’s Eternal Campground” this Saturday.  I’m filled with many emotions as the date draws closer.  This is the most pre-production I’ve ever done for any of my films.  It’s also the most costly.  It will be quite an adventure, I’m sure of it.  I shoot this weekend in Long Island, then I’m out in Pennsylvania shooting August 2-4.  In the meantime, you can check out the mini-documentary from my trip to Gettysburg right here.


My picture Richie Fishing III was featured in NEWSDAY this week.


In pre-production for my new film   “God’s Eternal Campground”

a Civil War based drama about two cousins fighting in the battle of Gettysburg.  For the first time ever, I’m doing a fundraiser on IndieGoGo to help pay for the costumes and other Civil War era items.  If you’re interested, please visit the site here.  You can find more information on the film, and check out some of the perks I have lined up.


swell” has won BEST FEATURE at the NY LA International Film Festival.  We will be closing out the entire event on May 10th.  I am beyond delighted, and it feels great to have all of my hard work recognized in this way.  For tickets please go here


My new film “swell” had a successful NYC premiere back in February.  The film took over a year to make, and to see such a personal film up there on the big screen being enjoyed by friends and family is a feeling that will resonate with me for the rest of my life.    So far the feedback has been tremendous, and I expect some great things for the future of this film.  I’ve received emails from complete strangers telling me how much the film affected them.  It’s kind of surreal.  Now it’s in consideration at 3 film festivals.  Check back for additional screenings and updates.  In the meantime, check out this video I did for GET INVOLVED!.  It’s a promo for their upcoming album.


I’ve been busy finishing my latest film “swell”.  It was by far the most difficult film for me to make, not only in terms of subject matter, but in sheer aspiration.  February 16th is the premiere date, which is also a year to the day that we had our first shoot.  3:30 at the Film Anthology Archives is the time and date.  If you would like to attend, please send me an email.


Shot/edited this piece for Russian fashion designer VASSA.


Rounding off what I consider my “music video trilogy” is this anti-government video for Washington Heights artist The Bear King.  Had a lot of fun with this one.  It’s called N.W.O..


Just did another music video... this time for Tanya Morgan.


Directed, edited and shot this music video for Warner Bros. artist Outasight.


I was out in San Diego for Comic Con and put together this video for FX.  Also, principle photography for my new film “swell.” is almost complete.


This day last year I released my last film ‘003064.XZ’, this year.. I’m about half-way done shooting my new film.  It’s been a difficult journey to say the least, but well worth every step.  Still on track for an October release if the chaos gods allows it. 


Q is back with a brand new jam.  ONE BABY BAND! (part 2)

In other news, I’ve been busy shooting my new film for the past few weeks.  Digging deep to create something powerful and different.  Cleansing demons and blazing trails.


My son & I put together this video of him composing his first song!  We call it ONE BABY BAND!


My film ‘003064.XZ’ will have it’s final screening of 2012 at the New York No Limit film summit on December 14th @ The White Box in manhattan at 6PM.  I also finished my longest documentary to date... COLORADO: High Ground, Thin Air.  Also, shot/edited this piece for Russian fashion designer Marusya.


Completed two new music video.  Wrote/directed/edited/shot this one for Austin-based indie band The Calm Blue Sea.  Plus I put together this all visual video for Franz K.


JUST finished principle photography for my new music video & editing is about 50% done.  Crown Royal did this interview with me.  ALSO!  My new film is in consideration at Sundance!  ALSO!  shot/edited this BTS video for Austin Mahone, now I’m heading down to Miami to shoot some footage of him in the studio cutting his first album.  Plus MUCH MUCH more in the works... keep it locked on my channel!


Been a whirlwind lately.  My latest film was screened at the New York No Limits film festival as well as a screening in conjunction with Crown Royal, where none other than Grandmaster Flash was in attendance!  Both were a huge success.  Now I’m prepping up to do a music video for Austin based band “The Calm Blue Sea” ...should be out at the end of September.


Directed, edited & shot this music video for underground hip-hop artist Kane Mayfield.


My latest film “003064.XZ” has been accepted to the New York

No Limits film festival here in NYC.  Only 6 films were selected out of 100’s of submissions.  Ours will be the closing film of the festival.  The screening will be held Aug. 15th, 195 E. 3rd street @ 7:30PM.  Get tix here.


He’s being hailed as “the next Justin Bieber”  ...I shot/edited this performance piece for rising pop star Austin Mahone.


Shot/edited this video for the YANKEES, and this video for TOMMY HILFIGER through my best buddies @ Show Media.

Also shot for RAY-BAN & DELL down in Austin for SXSW.


New WILDABEAST music video.


Finished an A$AP Rocky sizzle reel for Sony.  Progressing with the new film.  Put together another bass mix, this one SO INTENSE... you might might need to take a sick day after listening.



Was in Vegas recently for CES.  Shot/edited this AT&T/NOKIA video.  good vibes.


Starting off with a click-click BANG!  Shot/edited this time-lapse for NIKE.  Put together this SUPER-8 footage from my trip to Acadia.  Here’s my pops making a homemade ARROW. and finally a BASS MIX that will knock your glasses off.  Assuming you wear glasses.


I just completed a new mix.  This here is a collection of what I consider great TRASHY/BALLSY/ and/or OFFENSIVE  music.  A reaction to all the phony music/people invading my life.  Check out what made the cut!  Best enjoyed with a pint of cheap bourbon, and a pair of broken headphones...  listen or download here.

Also directed, edited & shot this music video for ZAKEE.


Spit on a couple tracks recently.  Here’s a one-take freestyle over Dooms “Meatgrinder” and this is an “How’d Ya Sleep

holla holla. 


Been a BIG month.  I’ve got a hat-trick of Halloween treats starting with the brand new El Jefe VS. Demons music video THE FEAST  ...after that, stop over my dad’s place where he’s cooking up a PUMPKIN CHEESECAKE...  and if that isn’t enough, my HALLOWEEN MIX has made it onto, one of the biggest and most badass music sites on the net.

ALSO... just finished this 20 min hoot from our trip to the ADIRONDACKS & finally, I shot this super-rad clip of one of my favorite bands TORNADO RIDER.

See you next month!


Was on track to DJ a rave in Baltimore a couple weeks ago... but the promoter went missing under mysterious circumstances. WHITE OWL.. WHERE ARE WHOOO??  In the meantime, I put together this 25 min BANGER of Halloween tunes---  WORDS:


LISTEN here or DOWNLOAD here.


I recently created visuals for a GOOGLE party in Toronto, thanks to the great M. Hernandez who hooked me up.  I’m in post production for the latest El Jefe VS. Demons music video which should have an October 17th release date...


I directed/edited/shot this music video for Zakee. 


Just in case you missed it, here’s a segment from my appearance on the Friday Night Cartoon Show.  It was a SPLENDID time.  In other J.A. related stories, on September 25th I will be shooting a BRAND NEW El Jefe VS. Demons music video, in upstate NY.  Also, I’m currently in pre-production for an upcoming experimental short film  ..should be dropping sometime this spring.



Tomorrow is officially the night... tune in to from 8-10 this Friday, I will be chatting it up with the LEGENDARY J. Nicholson  AKA Good Reverend Dr. & Kid Potential on the Friday Night Cartoon Show!  going the be hi-la-ri-ouuuuuuuus.


I’m shooting a music video this weekend for Green Owl/Warner Independent recording artist Zakee...  gonna be so D-D-DOPE you might get high just from watching!

& much MUCH more in the works.

try and stop me.


Just finished this new song.  ALSO, THE WARM WAR is in consideration for the NY LA International Film Festival.

OH!  one last thing, I just finished the 2nd installment of my annual LUVBVG mix! 


THE WARM WAR premiere was a HUGE success.  It was well received by cast members and critics alike.  You can check out how the whole thing went down in this video.


It’s been 4 months in the making, and now the time is here.

THE WARM WAR will have it’s N.Y.C. premiere this Saturday at the Anthology Film Archive theatre on 2nd Ave.  This film has taken me to strange new places, left me scarred, and has been a dizzying mix of highs and lows, but it is without a doubt my strongest and most bad-ass work to date.  Making a movie like this is always an uphill battle, usually with little or no rewards... but the experience of creating something completely unique out of NOTHING, is just as satisfying to me as climbing to the top of a colossal mountain, maybe better... and the opportunity to work with such talented, like-minded people and create a distinctive piece of art, makes me realize that life is more beautiful than we want to believe it is.

Kim, Creep, Hern, Ev, Brie, J, Richie, Mom, Dad.. THANK YOU.


THE  WARM WAR premiere is set for mid-July.

RF, JM, BS, JT...  R.I.P.


Production for THE WARM WAR is in full swing, I’ve been shooting for the past 3 weeks with the talented & dedicated MJS.  It’s turning out sooo sweet.  A LOT more planning, shooting, and drinking to go!!


A month to the day... I return victorious, and come equipped with

this... NEW ZEALAND: A Chunk of the Green Life

...been on the road with Nike too...  from Tampa, to tornado-prone Fairbanks, Illinois.  OH!  and this and this too! 

contrast,  it’s fun.


Headed across the great blue Pacific to New Zealand with fam & buds, plus several cameras in tow.  Documentary to follow... activities include backpacking, surfing, and letting the hair get greasy.  Upon my (hopeful) return.. THE WARM WAR (my new short-film) will break ground...


A few things bubbling right now... shot/edited this 1-2-1 with tattoo artist/rad dude Scott Campbell...  & hIt the mountain.


Put together a little teaser video for Signals from Voyager. It stars my most frequent collaborator. I wish everyone was as easy to work with as she is.


Happy V Day!  Just teamed up with Game Seven Marketing to shoot/edit Kobe Bryant @ Foot Locker on 34th St.  Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg hosted.  good times.


Having a little get-together for my 30th B-DAY at Satellite Lounge in B.K. ...stop by for a drink and/or a laugh.


Shot/edited this cinema-based piece for Jeff Staple: STPL Spring 2011. ALSO, in keeping with the theme of film, decided to drop a list of my TOP 10 favorite films of 2010 right here.


Teamed up with one of the most talented DJ’s in the tri-state

area (MIOS DIO DJ) to create this blistering amalgamation of sight and sound: 2012 ZD X VIZZ ...and if you’re so inclined, this Friday at Southpaw in Brooklyn, MIOS DIO will be spinning along with Zakee (Green Owl) and DJ Eleven (the Rub), I’ll be providing the visuals.

Hot fun in the wintertime.


You can peep the video that I directed for Outasight here on youtube, where it has somehow been tainted with an obtrusive website in the lower left-hand corner.    gross.    ENJOY!


Edited these 2 vids last night: CAPTIVA & POLENTA, plus I directed a music video for NYC based rapper/singer Outasight which should be dropping soon!


It’s a brand new year/month/day!  For me, 2011 will be a year of new beginnings, and massive film projects.  I will be embarking on my two biggest works to date... a trip to, and subsequent documentary of NEW ZEALAND in late-March... then, upon my return... pre-production for my most ambitious film yet, ‘THE WARM WAR’ will commence. 


Teamed up w/ Kobi Wu-Pasmore for this intimate sit-down with the wise and charming Amir Questlove Thompson.


FALL DOUBLE FEATURE!  Richie’s Kitchen: Wild Turkey Breast

is fired up right here & New Mexico: Con La Mochila is getting stellar reviews right here.  PLUS!  DJing this Saturday the 20th

@ Rico’s Crib BK for E & K’s 29th Birthday blowout!!!


Directed this 1-2-1 video with Jeff Staple for REDU HOMEROOM.

It features some REALLY great artist including Scott Campbell

and José Parlå.  shot/editied the event at Reed Space too.  ALSO!     shot an interview with Questlove for NYU...

coming soon.


Been a WILD month...  Leaving tomorrow for a backpack trip in New Mexico to hike Gila National Forest.  vid coming soon...

in the meantime get irie with this and tropical with that.


...cause I can’t stop now.  Documented hurricane Earl churning up the ocean in this vintage-style vid.  Also made some time to see ultra-talent Mike Maven recording his masterpiece at Downtown Records.


2 More time-lapse videos for NIKE: Rucker Park, and Modell’s...

don’t blink.


I will be guest DJing and providing visuals Saturday August 21st

@ Knitting Factory BK in Williamsburg for the 3rd iBOMBA fiesta.

Also on the bill: MIOS DIO DJ, Cumba Mela, and Zakee.



As the summer heats up... so do the videos.  Shot this BANGER for Nike earlier this month right before I was in Miami shooting for CONAIR. OH! and this sizzler for the great MIOS DIO DJ.


The hits keep on commin!  Seizure inducing  visuals for my

homie 6th Sense.  and BOOM! this exclusive from ALREADYtv.  Oh yeah, and the corporate stuff too! 


Aloha!  Got a few videos that dropped recently.  FIRST, my baby... ‘Meant To Be Creepy’ from El Jefe.  SECOND, these visuals I whipped up for German Ghost.  THIRD is this 1-2-1 I put together for the legendary Jeff Staple featuring graffiti artist Futura. 


Been on the road, first SXSW fest in Austin, then over to Cali for Coachella shooting/editing for Show Media.  I’m back and writing for my 4th and final short film “The Warm War” is progressing smoothly.  I’ll also be directing a music video for “El Jefe VS. Demons” next month.

stay tuuuuuned (demon voice).



The wait is over...     ‘Whiskey Delta’    private screening this Saturday @ Arlo & Esme, Manhattan.  Bring your D game.  Seats filling FAST. Hernandez on the wheels.


Season’s greetings all.  My 3rd short film ‘Whiskey Delta’ is  officially complete.  Anticipation is growing and cast members are getting restless, as evident in this voicemail from actor Chris Robinson.  There’s also a link to the official poster here.


Well it’s been 4 busy weeks.  ‘Whiskey Delta’ is near completion. ALSO!  the long awaited MONTANA video can be viewed here in less than adequate quality.


It’s official!  Principle photography for my next film will begin the 2nd week in October.  After a (very) brief hiatus, the sultan of short films is returning with ‘Whiskey Delta’ starring and co-written by Greg Murphy of ‘Con Carnivoro’ fame.  More info to follow.


BIG week.  2 DJ gigs...  Wednesday the 26th @ Beauty Bar BK,

and Saturday the 29th @ Wreck Room BK.  With MIOS DIO DJ

King Creeper, and Babyfeet.  cold-crew, colder-cuts.


DJing this friday at Wreck Room in Bushwick, Brooklyn.  Come on down and get grimy with the Zuns! 


I’ll be filling in on bass for one of my FAVORITE bands ever...

El Jefe VS. Demons’ on July 18th.  The all-day show starts at 3PM, it’s at the Bell House in Brooklyn at the 3rd annual Psychobilly Luau.  RAWK!


I’m DJing July 15th at the Beauty Bar in Brooklyn with King Creeper, and the one and only Mike Hernandez...  starts at 9.  KA-BOOM!


My film ‘Con Carnivoro has been accepted to the New Filmmakers film festival here in NYC!  It will have its festival debut on July 2nd, 6PM at The Anthology Film Archives building.. 32 2nd avenue NYC. 


I just added a new MUSIC section to the site which will feature music from the present as well as the past, including various DJ sets and videos.  I am currently working on the music for my next film.


My photo ghostrain will be appearing in the first issue of Cultpolitan Journal!    -  Cultpolitan Journal first issue will feature Copenhagen, New York and Berlin - and will be published in these cities with three different covers. The format will be A5 format and roughly about a hundred pages -- a perfect fit for your pocket, backpack, coffee table.


Welcome to 3.0!  The new site will be much simpler...  but updated more often with all the freshest and finest from yours truly.




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